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Cook it introduces a reusable cooler

The pilot project is set to begin on April 29

Montreal, April 20, 2022 Two years after suspending its industry’s first sustainable kit, Cook it is back in full force with a reusable cooler. Starting next week, 200 subscribers will receive their weekly order in the cooler on their preferred day.

In keeping with Cook it’s innovative spirit, each of these coolers made of expanded polypropylene, a 100% recyclable material, will save hundreds of single-use boxes and ice packs. Subscribers who participate in the pilot project on a voluntary basis will help improve the prototype and the delivery process by sharing their feedback with the team on a weekly basis.

Launched in 2018, the original sustainable kit was halted due to COVID-19, among other reasons. Furthermore, it presented logistical challenges that, despite considerable interest in the project, acted as a barrier to buy-in. During the two-year hiatus, the meal kit leader has not been idle, starting with the addition of two sustainability consultants to its team.

“We seek to raise the standards of our industry through continuous improvement, says Cook it President and Co-Founder Judith Fetzer. Our sustainability team has not only the tools, but also the skills to elevate the 2018 sustainable kit.“

According to Julia Tremblay-Boily, the company’s sustainable development coordinator, the cooler eliminates the logistical issues encountered when the first sustainable kit was introduced while meeting the demand of Quebec customers for greener options.

“The first sustainable kit taught us that consumers want environmentally responsible options, but they also need them to fit into their daily lives. Through the pilot project, we will continue to enhance this new option to make it viable on a provincial scale,”  she concludes.

The reusable cooler is supported by a $300,000 investment from Cook it in research and development that will also allow the company to make great strides towards greener processes. These include a greenhouse gas performance analysis, the implementation of a code of conduct for its suppliers and the upcoming improvement of its waste management facilities.

About Cook it

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