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Lunch Break

Take a real lunch break with Cook it

Rediscover your lunch breaks with ready-to-eat meals that are perfectly suited for some well-deserved down-time.

Hungry for a break? So are we.

39% of people neglect their break, which is why Cook it surprised a few companies with delicious meals and gave employees a proper lunch break.

Help us promote a healthy lunch break with #hungryforabreak

Discover our ready-to-eat meals

Did you know?

Lunch breaks can:

  • improve mental health,
  • prevent burnout,
  • increase creativity,
  • and so much more!

Meals that check all the boxes

Ready in 2 minutes

For some extra time before, during and after your break!

Created by chefs

For a restaurant-like meal, without paying restaurant prices.

Balanced and varied

For healthier meals approved by nutritionists and free of conservation agents.

Made by hand

For maximum flavour in every bite.