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Star Chef Program Benefits

Star Chef

Subscribe to Cook it and automatically become a Star Chef
One star earned for every two dollars spent. Access to challenges and activities to earn more stars. Exchange stars in the Pantry for local products. Accumulate credits on your next boxes by referring your friends.

VIP Star Chef

Accumulate 5,000 stars in 6 months for even more perks :
Earn a star for every dollar you spend Get dedicated customer service by text message Access exclusive promotions …along with everything else!

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Boîte Valeurs en étoiles pour un Chef Étoilé Valeurs en étoiles pour un Chef VIP
4 portions 3 repas
63 126
2 portions 3 repas
35.5 71

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1400 Details

Vegetable basket

Montreal – This basket of fresh vegetables is as good…

2270 Details

Basket of fruits

Montreal – This fruit basket is perfect for your smoothies,…

1665 Details

Ready-to-drink Cold Brew

Montreal – A cold brew coffee made from freshly roasted…

2005 Details

Basket of fresh vegetables

Montreal – A basket of fresh vegetables from here! Take…

1400 Details

Apple and walnut scones

Montreal – Apple and walnut flavored, these scones are perfect…

1400 Details

Blueberry and Lemon Scones

Montreal – These delicious blueberry lemon scones are finally here!…

910 Details

Salted Caramel Granola

Montréal – The granola, the perfect companion of our rushed…

870 Details

Banana chocolate cookies

Laval – These banana and chocolate chip cookies are cake-like…

1135 Details

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Montreal – By our chef Gabrielle, this festive pancake recipe…

985 Details

Mustard – The original

Montreal – Made in Quebec with 7 premium quality ingredients,…

720 Details

Salad Kit – Salsa Ranch

Saint-Rémi – In a salad or in a wrap, this…

1210 Details

Chief's BBQ Sauce – Sheriff

Shawinigan – This classic BBQ sauce is perfect for ribs,…

4320 Details

Filet mignon

Granby – The most tender cut of beef, filet mignon…

1740 Details

Beef skewers with vegetables

Granby – Grill these beef brochettes with vegetables from the…

1515 Details

Maple sausages

Granby – These delicious maple pork sausages will be perfect…

1285 Details

Mini Florentine Quiches

Montreal – This recipe is a collaboration between Cook it…

1400 Details

Peanut Butter and Jam Bars

Montreal – Are you a fan of peanut butter and…

Vital c Smoothie

This smoothie is the perfect meal replacement for busy mornings….

1215 Details

Fleur de sel caramel

Perfect for your sunday morning pancakes or to step up…

Mixed crudités

Perfect for the lunch, snacks or to complete your meal!

Super Sour Mix and Cocktail Mix

Two packs of 150 grams of fresh sweets as tasty…

Magazines à table avec Cook it

French version of our three magazines filled with family friendly.

Fruit basket

A variety of fruits from Jean-Talon Market.

Maple Syrup

Sugar shack season is one of our favorite seasons. Enjoy…

Mapple butter

Maple butter from l’Érable au Fil du Temps has a…

905 Details

Greek Yogurt Vanilla

Montréal – Creamy vanilla Greek yogurt for your lunches, snacks…

900 Details

iÖGO – Greek yogurt 2% Vanilla

Creamy vanilla Greek yogurt for your lunches, snacks and desserts!

Premium Nut Blend

Package of 190g. Praline salted caramel almonds, 70% dark chocolate…

Antixoydant smoothie

Made in Montréal, these smoothies are designed for everyday life….


Difficult not to be tempted by this mix of tasty…

Oatbox – Breakfast Granola Bars

(Strawberry & Cranberry – Date & pear and/or Chocolate &…

100% Natural Passionate Fruit Juice

1 liter of cold pressed juice preservative-free made with apples,…

Belle Crème Brie Cheese

A triple cream cheese; creamy and unctuous, with a mushroom…

Crepe Batter

This pancake mix will allow you to make weekend breakfasts…

Green bliss smoothie

Green Bliss SmoothMeals have the advantage of getting you a…

Assorted macarons

Treat yourself with these little gourmet bites. The classic collection…

Frosted vanilla and gingerbread caramel

La Lichée stikes again with it’s new holiday flavor. Perfect…

Ready to cook chocolate croissants

Enjoy the quality of a bakery pastry in the comfort…

830 Details

Sesame bagels

Montréal – Do St-Viateur bagels really need a description? 😉…

910 Details

Cream cheese

Saint-Hyacinthe – Liberté cream cheese stands out for its taste,…

Frozen cookie dough

Let yourself be tempted by this ready-to-cook frozen cookie dough…

Banana & Dark Chocolate

Granola, the perfect companion of our rushed mornings. With yogurt,…

Barista milk

Your favorite little cafe is closed? No problem! Become a…

Kombucha- Berries

Berries.The indeniable duet of blueberry and cranberry. It’s the liquid…

Cookie dough- Birthday Cake

Treat the whole family with this birthday cake flavoured cookie…

620 Details

Mid-Day Squares- Busta Peanut

Montréal – The famous unbeatable duo that is peanut butter…

Welcome guide- FRANCO

Welcome guide- FRANCO

Welcome guide- ANGLO

welcome guide

300 Details


Montréal – This dark chocolate and coconut snack will give…

830 Details

Vegan cretons

Montréal – These artisanal vegan cretons are perfect for dinner,…

760 Details

Braided salty cheese

Victoriaville – This braided and salty cheese is a very…

680 Details

Cheddar cheese curds

Victoriaville – This curd cheddar cheese will satisfy your afternoon…

910 Details

Le petit crémeux – Processed cheese

Lac-St-Jean – Processed cheese spread is made from pasteurized milk….

1130 Details

Nordic berries waffles

Ville de Québec – These healthy waffles made from incognito…

1475 Details

Smoked salmon jerky

Saguenay – This jerky is made with hot smoked maple…

1060 Details


St-Lin-Laurentides – In your tomato and basil salad, with bruschetta,…

265 Details

Half ciabatta baguette

Montréal – Whether you use it as a breakfast or…

1060 Details

Dark chocolate fondue

Longueuil – Heat up this dark chocolate fondue in just…

1665 Details

Artisanal hot smoked salmon

Saguenay – Melting in the mouth, this hot smoked salmon…

415 Details

Microwave popcorn – Sea salt

Montréal – This tasty Quebec popcorn with sea salt will…

605 Details

Non-alcoholic beer – Lychee and clementine

Drummondville – Meteorite is an alcohol-free white beer that will…

945 Details


Montréal – This guacamole is here to satisfy your cravings…

265 Details

Baby-cut carrots

Montréal – The perfect snack at any time!

455 Details

Sour Cran – Sour strawberry

Ville de Québec – Healthy, low sugar candies that give…

455 Details

Sour Cran – Sour peach

Ville de Québec – Healthy candies? It’s a big YES!…

1135 Details

Piri-piri sauce – Medium

Mauricie – The essential piri-piri sauce is finally in the…

755 Details

Shortbread Candy Mix – Mini bucket

Laval – The best-selling mix of all! In addition, it…

760 Details

Barista milk – 3.8%

Lac-St-Jean – This new barista milk is simply foamy to…

835 Details

Grand Granola Chocolatier

Montréal – Dark chocolate with praline shares the spotlight with…

540 Details

Tortellini – Tri-colour pasta & cheese

Boisbriand – These cheese tortellini are perfect for your soups,…

1060 Details

Shish Taouk Wrap

Montréal – Enjoy this vegan version of the traditional marinated…

1285 Details

Bolognese sauce

Blainville – Spaghetti sauce with homemade meat, slightly sweet, made…

1440 Details

Dragon Bol

Montreal – This Dragon tempeh bowl is a tasty vegan…

415 Details

Organic grapefruit sparkling tree water

Flesherton – Drink it as is or in a cocktail,…

1895 Details

Hazelnut choco date spread

Sherbrooke – With a creamy texture and easy to spread,…

945 Details

Crunchy peanut butter

Sherbrooke – The best crunchy peanut butter you’ll ever eat!…

620 Details

Mid-Day Squares- Almond Crunch

Montréal – Mid-Day Squares are perfectly designed to stop your…

1210 Details

Butterscotch caramel

L’Ancienne-Lorette – This butterscotch caramel is a timeless classic. It…

755 Details

Glass jar

Montreal – This glass jar is the perfect travel companion….

945 Details

Ketchup Twist cheese

Victoriaville – Are you a fan of ketchup potato chips?…

415 Details

Organic sparkling tree water

Flesherton – Try Sap Sucker’s new sparkling and thirst-quenching orange…

454 Details

Nordic milk – 2%

Lac-St-Jean – This milk from free-range cows is equipped with…

530 Details

Orchard lemonade

Frelighsburg – This lemonade with fresh squeezed apple juice is…

1060 Details

Smoked cheese fondue

Quebec City – Individually portioned, this lightly smoked fondue ready…

1060 Details

Vaisselle Prop'

Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines – This company produces sets of utensils that are…

680 Details

Aurora – Raspberry and Kombucha Sour Beer

Drummondville – Discover the arrangement between the raspberry and the…

1740 Details

Set of 4 mocktails

Saint-Hyacinthe – The perfect mocktail mix no matter how you’re…

750 Details

Chocolate&Bananas- Cookies

Montreal – Still Good cookies are made from juice pulp,…

1435 Details

Spread – Apple pie

Montreal – Handmade in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie, this spread is made from…

680 Details

Sliced ​​loaf of multigrain bread

Vaudreuil-Dorion – This loaf is perfect for your breakfasts or…

2120 Details

Toasted sesame and maple cashew butter

Montreal – Both sweet and crunchy, this cashew butter is…

1285 Details

Dragon sauce

Montreal – This Dragon sauce rich in B vitamin will…

945 Details

Crunchy Cucumbers Relish

Saint-Félicien – The crunchy Toundra relish, made in Lac St-Jean,…

1440 Details

Le Pizy – Soft ripened cheese

Saint-Roch-Ouest – Made with pasteurized milk from a single herd…

1250 Details

Bouchées d'Amour – Chives

Laval – These small bites of soft cheese are preserved…

570 Details

Mana – Grapefruit Yerba Mate

Montreal – Offering all the goodness of yerba mate and…

1970 Details

Pack of 4 kombucha

Montreal – These sparkling and refreshing drinks will be there…

1060 Details

Dragon wrap

Montreal – The dragon wrap is the most popular at…

1365 Details

Organic black forest bacon

Rivière-du-Loup – This high quality black forest bacon is perfect…

1285 Details

Extaze – Sea Salted Cashews

Montreal – Add to salads or snacks, these sea salt…

985 Details

Le Champayeur – Soft cheese

Sainte-Élizabeth-de-Warwick – This soft, bloomy rind farmer’s cheese is made…

2195 Details

Yerba mate – Mix of 4 flavors

St-Eustache – This selection of 4 cans available only at…

945 Details

Deluxe chocolate mix Kilimanjaro

Montréal – Delicious mix of flavours for an energizing snack….

720 Details

Craft Caesar Mix

Montreal – This new Caesar Mix recipe will definitely be…

1175 Details

Blueberry Bagel

Montreal – The famous blueberry bagels are finally BACK! Available…

795 Details

Mayo sesame

Montreal – With Asian flavors, Geneviève Everell’s famous sesame mayo…

645 Details

Humm! Chipotle – Hummus

Montreal – A healthy snack that will spice up your…

905 Details

Original – Smoked tofu

Laval – This smoked tofu made with organic soybeans from…

1515 Details

Mild cheddar cheese

Varenne – This delicious mild cheddar cheese is simply the…

1020 Details

Fromage suisse

Varennes – Lactose free and made from 100% Canadian milk,…

910 Details

Cultured butter

Varennes – Fresh and tasty, this butter is the essential…

605 Details

Hamburger buns with sesame seeds

Laval – Serve these hamburger buns with the meatballs available…

530 Details

English muffins – Plain

Laval – Soft and fresh, the famous English muffins from…

905 Details

Caesar spices

Saint Nicolas – Pair these Bloody Caesar spices with the…

1555 Details

Old Fashioned Smoked Turkey Breast

St-Hyacinthe – This sliced old fashioned smoked turkey breast will…

1515 Details

Black Forest Smoked Ham

St-Hyacinthe – Perfect for sandwiches by the pool or for…

1210 Details

The Flamboyant – Veggie Burgers

Desbiens – Based on fava beans, jalapeño and boreal spices,…

1210 Details

The Fabulous – Veggie burgers

Desbiens – Made in Lac-St-Jean, these burger patties are made…

1475 Details

Buddha bowl

Montreal – This Buddha bowl with Noble Bean organic tempeh,…

795 Details

Barista – Oat Beverage

Vancouver – Giving a velvety and creamy appearance, this froth…

605 Details

Oat Beverage Fair Trade Chocolate

Vancouver – This oat beverage fair trade chocolate is gluten…

605 Details

Original Unsweetened Oat Beverage

Vancouver – Harvested on Canadian soil, this unsweetened oat milk…

37880 Details

$250 gift card

This luxury gift card will allow the whole family to…

15150 Details

$100 gift card

A gift card is to offer a very special person…

7575 Details

$50 gift card

Offer this $50 Cook it gift card to spoil those…

605 Details

Raspberry & citron kombucha

Gatineau – The marriage of tangy flavors of lemon and…

755 Details

Maple syrup hummus

Montreal – Imagine a sugar pie, but healthy and without…

755 Details

Mocha Coffee Hummus

Montreal – This sweet bean base spread is the perfect…

1100 Details

Spicy Mayo Sriracha

St-Nicolas – A 100% local mayonnaise made with top quality…

1135 Details

Field Berries Overnight Oats

Montreal – This healthy, tasty and express breakfast goes perfectly…

1022 Details

Lavender & Eucalyptus refreshing hand & body soap

Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska – This soap made from local sunflower oil (St-Jean-Port-Joli)…

910 Details

Lemon & Mint Dish & Hand Soap

Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska – The dishwashing and hand liquid is moisturizing and…

910 Details

Eucalyptus and Lemon Stain Remover

Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska – This stain remover can be used everywhere in…

1440 Details

fragrance free dishwasher tablets

Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska – Finally, water-soluble dishwasher tablets that are safe for…

755 Details

Cold pressed juice – Easy Peasy

Montreal – Full of vitamins, this celery juice will be…

1060 Details

Mango & Cardamom- yogurts

Varennes – Four generous 120 g portions of yogurt with…

1210 Details

Cold pressed juice- Better Together

Montreal – Grapefruit, orange, ginger. This is the juice of…

1060 Details

Raspberry & mint- yogourts

Varennes – Four generous 120 g portions of yogourt with…

755 Details

Cold pressed juice- Big Bang

Montreal – Honeydew melon, grape, raspberry, pomegranate and lemon. Start…

190 Details

Riviera yogurt lids

Varenne – Recycle your yogurt jars by adding this pack…

530 Details

Our orchard iced tea

Frelighsburg – Authentic and refreshing iced tea, with just the…

1630 Details

Cold Brew Coffee – Kusillo from Bolivia

Montreal – This new variety of cold-pressed coffee will be…

1820 Details

Peaches and Raspberry Tart

Montreal – By our chef Esther, this peach and raspberry…

1780 Details

Margherita pizza

Montreal – This Margherita pizza recipe by our chef Gabrielle…

1970 Details

Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Montreal – This buffalo chicken nachos recipe from our chef…

1705 Details

Huevos Rotos

Montreal – This recipe from our chef Gabrielle is served…

1250 Details

Banana Split Pancakes

Montreal – By our chef Gabrielle, these Banana Split style…

1475 Details

Dark chocolate coated blueberries

Dolbeau-Mistassini – These dark chocolate coated blueberries are a delicious…

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