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The chef’s favourite with Constance: week of February 18th


The chef’s favourite with Constance: week of February 18th


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Every week, I have the privilege of offering you my 3 favourite recipes from among the 16 enticing choices on the Cook it menu. This week, the menu is particularly varied, offering a selection of delicious dishes to suit all tastes. Whether you’re a fan of exotic flavours, comforting meals, or quick and easy recipes, you’ll definitely find something to satisfy your cravings among these tempting options. So, get comfortable, let yourself be inspired by these delicious suggestions, and get ready to delight your taste buds with homemade meals full of flavour and warmth.

Thaï Tofu Salad with coconut milk and peanut butter sauce

At home, tofu is not always everyone’s favourite plant-based protein, but this Thai tofu salad changes the game. Often underestimated, tofu experiences surprising success in this recipe thanks to its bold marriage with a peanut butter and coconut milk sauce. This unique combination breathes new life into this plant-based protein and delights even the most skeptical taste buds. The freshness of the crispy ingredients and the sweet touch of maple syrup mixed with lime juice add an extra dimension to this salad, making it a delicious and appreciated option for everyone. This recipe is also perfect for preparing lunches in advance to take to the office.

Greek Style Chicken Breast Skewers with vegetable rice, greek dressing and roasted potatoes

This classic dish is a true nostalgia for me, reminding me of Saturday evenings spent in traditional Greek restaurants during my childhood. Greek chicken skewers are an authentic delight, infused with Mediterranean flavours and memories of summer. Accompanied by perfectly seasoned vegetable rice and crispy roasted potatoes, these skewers offer an explosion of flavours in every bite. Sometimes, we forget about this kind of classic, but I guarantee you that this recipe will please the whole family, reviving memories of shared meals around simple and delicious dishes.

Goat cheese and leek ciabatta with green leaf lettuce, edamame, almond and radish salad

This ciabatta recipe with goat cheese and leek is simply a delight to share with friends or family. Imagine savouring every bite of this delicious combination of creamy goat cheese, tender leeks, and crunchy almonds, all wrapped in a delicious ciabatta. And to add a touch of freshness, we’ve added a fresh salad mix with edamame and crunchy radishes. It’s an explosion of flavours and textures that will delight your taste buds with every bite! And the best part is, this recipe is so simple and quick to prepare, perfect for a hassle-free weekday meal.

After selecting my recipes for the week, I always head to the Cook it pantry section. It’s so convenient! I can add items of my choice and have them delivered straight to my door along with my weekly box. There’s a huge variety of products available, which often allows me to complete my menus without having to make any additional trips to the grocery store. This week, I’d like to share my selection for a perfect brunch. Here are some of the items I’ve added to my basket:

  • The Cold-Pressed Valencia Orange Juice by Dose
  • The ready-to-cook recipe: Cinnamon Brioche with Blueberry Jam
  • The Bollywood smoothie Mix by Wise by Nature
  • The Swiss Cheese & Mushroom Scone from Le Monde est Scone

Constance Tassé-Gagnon

Deputy Director of Product and Partnerships

Constance, a true culinary globetrotter, always on the lookout for the latest gastronomic trends. With 15 years of experience as a cook and pastry chef in Montreal’s gourmet restaurants, she excels in the art of dining and is always ready to host a memorable gathering. Her heart belongs to traditional Quebec cuisine, but her soul tirelessly explores flavors from around the world. Follow her for invaluable culinary tips and extraordinary taste discoveries that will make your next event an absolute success!