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The best way to eat.

As a pioneer of meal kits in Canada, our goal is to be the best way to eat. Whether that’s by helping you rediscover the joy of cooking, have a little extra time on your hands or simply take away the mental load associated with meal planning, we make sure that every meal is fun and guilt-free.

How does it work?

1. Subscribe to Cook it

Tell us how often you want to cook and what you like to eat.

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2. Create your meal kit

Choose your menu from 14 new ready-to-cook recipes every week, ready-to-eat meals and all sorts of local products from our Pantry.

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3. Receive your weekly box of food

Delivery’s on us! Receive everything you need at home in a carefully packaged insulated box. Your ingredients will be fresh for up to 12 hours after the delivery.

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4. Cook incredible meals

Our ready-to-cook recipes are created by the best chefs. They’re always delicious and easy to make! Not in the mood to cook? Heat up one of our ready-to-eat meals in 5 minutes.

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Custom plans

Adapted to your preferences

Every week with Cook it, you can choose between 14 delicious new recipes, 4 to 6 ready-to-eat meal options and a large selection of local products from the Pantry. Indicate your dietary preferences and customize your meal kit to suit your taste, as picky as you may be (we don’t judge)!

Adapted to your needs

Cook like a chef wherever you are, two, three, four or five times a week. Not in the mood to cook? Choose a ready-to-eat meal ready in 5 minutes. Too, no dishes!

Adapted to your schedule

Choose the delivery day and time slot that suits you best to receive your meal kit. Change your delivery address and calendar at any time. There’s no commitment.

Adapted to your appetite (and your little ones’)

Choose the number of recipes and portions that suit you. Feel like treating yourself in the Pantry? Need an extra recipe this week? Change your plan and add whatever you need to your box in a single click.

A meal kit designed for families

Cook it is the answer to the everlasting question… what are we eating today? Created by a mom and entrepreneur, Cook it helps thousands of families make their routine easier every week.

We know that with kids, no two days are alike, but we really thought of everything.

Practical recipes

  • quick and simple to prepare, portioned and delivered to your door
  • that encourage discovery and healthy eating habits (our chefs are trained by nutritionists!)
  • that don’t require too many dishes
  • and that’ll make the entire family want to cook!
Can be warmed up in 5 minutes!

Ready-to-eat meals, for the busy weeks

No dishes!

Healthy snacks at retail prices in the Pantry.

That have a positive impact on our future.

Local and ethical choices

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To nothing! Our subscription is flexible and commitment-free. Every week for as long as you are subscribed, you have the option to receive or skip your weekly Cook it box!

You have until Tuesday at midnight to confirm your recipe selection for the following week.

In your Cook it meal kit, you’ll receive the recipe cards and all the ingredients you need for your meals, hence the term “ready-to-cook”! Only a few common items are not included to reduce packaging and food waste: salt and pepper, milk, butter, olive oil (or other oils) as well as apple cider, balsamic, rice or wine vinegar. We take care of everything else.

We’ll leave the box at your door, even if you’re not home! The box will be waiting for you when you get back and your ingredients will stay fresh for up to 12 hours after the delivery. If there’s a specific place you’d like us to leave the box, you can add instructions in your online profile.

Customer service

At Cook it, exceeding the expectations of every single one of our customers is a priority. Our team is available to answer all your questions and listen to your feedback on your Cook it experience.

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