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Terms and conditions

Latest update: October 28th, 2022

Recettes Cook It, Inc. (“ Cook It ”, “ Chef Cook IT ”) is pleased to count you among our members!

This Service Contract (the “Contract“) applies to your use of our delivery services, our Star Chef loyalty program, purchases of Products from the Pantry, and more broadly to your subscription and to the use of our web application (as a whole, our “Services“). This Contract contains important information pertaining to your obligations and to the use of the Services. The Services to which you have access are described in more details on our website at Your member area contains a detailed description of each of the Products, meals, recipes and items (the “Products“) that are available to you through our Services.

If you have any questions about this contract, or if you have any complaints or claims about our Services, you can contact us as follows :

This contract comes into effect upon your acceptance, among others, when you create your personal account for the use of our Services.

Our Services are reserved for individuals aged 16 years and older, and residents of the territory we serve.

Unfortunately, our Services are not available everywhere. Please check to see if we deliver to your area via when you subscribe to Cook it.

In order to use our Services, you must create a personal account and have an Internet access and a browser that is supported by our Services. You must provide full and up-to-date personal information and modify them in your member area. We are not responsible for personal information that are not up to date. For example, when you move, you must ensure that you update your street address, as we cannot be held responsible for a delivery to your previous address if you cannot pick up the package.

You agree that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal account credentials and for all activities resulting from the use of your account. You agree to use reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized use of our Services. This includes not sharing your password with friends. You are responsible for orders placed through your account.

More than one account is allowed for a single mailing address. However, it is your responsibility to manage it, notably regarding delivery of your orders. We are not responsible if, among others, you mismanage your orders or select the wrong items. As for promotional codes, we only allow one per mailing address. Thus, you cannot use promotional codes in various accounts associated with the same mailing address. You will need to make arrangements with other occupants of your household regarding promotions, if any.

The following rules are applicable to the use of your personal account, and conditional upon the use of our Services:

  • You must open your personal account in your own name and may not impersonate any other person. In addition, you must be authorized to use the credit card used for your payments;
  • Do not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, investigate, modify, create derivative works, or access in any other way to the interfaces contained within the Services that are not intended for users;
  • Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Services, or circumvent in any other way the Services’ software protection or monitoring mechanisms; 
  • Do not access the Services to build a similar or competing product or service, or to copy the ideas, features, functions or visual elements of the Services;
  • Do not impersonate any person, including registering with another person’s identity to create an account; 
  • Not to use the Services in a manner that violates applicable laws;
  • Do not use robots, automated programs or technologies to collect data from our Services, including product prices;
  • Do not hack us! This means that you may not scan, probe or test vulnerabilities within our website, introduce malware or deploy denial-of-service attacks.

You understand that we may suspend your access to the Services with or without notice if you are in violation of the above-mentioned rules or if you encourage other persons to violate these rules. We will notify you as soon as possible of any suspensions, give you an opportunity to justify yourself, and ensure that suspensions are minimal to give effect to this contract. However, if we confirm that you violate this contract, we may permanently terminate your right to use our Services and you will no longer be able to order through them. We will send you emails to notify you of important events such as when we are preparing your order. You must ensure that your email address is up to date in your personal account. We will not be held responsible if your email address is not up to date in your personal account and you have not received the notification email. You must ensure that the emails we send you are not received in the spam section of your inbox by authorizing our mailings, including emails sent from [email protected].

All the prices are in Canadian dollars. You acknowledge and agree that the amount you will be charged per week may change if you change your product selection, take advantage of a promotion, special offer or application of credits, or if there are other changes in the price of the products in accordance with the terms of the contract or applicable taxes. When you subscribe to a Plan, you agree that we (or a third party payment processor authorized by us) are authorized to charge your credit card weekly for the price of the Products based on your selection and applicable taxes. You also agree that we are authorized to charge your credit card until your subscription is canceled. Delivery services for orders of $40 or more are offered at no additional charge for delivery. and more. Prices shown do not include taxes. A detailed statement of the price of each product covered by this service contract and the cost of any fees payable under any law is described in your member area, including in the pantry. Some food products may be subject to a consignment fee. If so, we will indicate the deposit fee in the product description in the Member Area and on your cash receipts.

The per-serving and total prices listed for the different plans offered during your subscription apply to our basic “ready to cook” recipes only. These prices are subject to change in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the “Changes to the Service Agreement” section below. Prices may differ for ready-to-eat products and certain optional ready-to-cook items, as well as for pantry items. When you choose to include such products in your order, you agree to pay the prices posted in your member area.

During your subscription, you will be prompted to choose the plan that suits your household according to your budget and the number of people you wish to serve. You can change this plan at any time, and it is your responsibility to ensure that the quantities are adequate and sufficient. Orders (including pantry products) are delivered on a weekly basis according to your preferences. You have until midnight on Tuesday of the preceding week to make your selections yourself each week in your member area or to skip a week. If you forget to make your selections, we will make selections according to your preferences and popular dishes. You will receive an email confirmation once we have confirmed your order.

Once your order is generated in our system, the amount corresponding to the price of your order as sent in your order confirmation is charged on Wednesday morning to the default credit card on your profile. Following the confirmation of your order, it will be possible to modify or cancel the order by replying to our email or by contacting our customer service until Thursday at 4 p.m. for an order delivered the following week. After this time, we will have started preparing your order based on your selection and you will no longer be able to cancel your order. If you cancel your order between the time we have charged the amount of the order to your credit card and the Thursday 4 p.m. cancellation deadline, a credit to your Cook it account in the amount paid for your order will be granted. Your credit balance will be automatically applied to your next confirmed order.

You authorize us to charge the amounts corresponding to the orders, and to make the debit described above, on a weekly basis for the duration of your subscription. You represent and warrant that you are authorized to use the credit card on your Cook IT account, and you understand that it is your responsibility to make changes to your account to keep your payment information current. If we are not able to charge your credit card for the amount of your order, we will be obligated to cancel your order.

We deliver your order on a weekly basis during the time slot you have chosen. The delivery is made to the address indicated on your account. You can change the delivery date and address in your Cook it account. For all purchases made on, delivery is free on orders of $40 or more. We ship orders five times a week. When you place your order, you choose the day of the week that is most convenient for you to receive your order. 

You must be present at the address indicated in your account when your order is delivered. If you are not present, you expressly authorize us to leave your order at the door of the indicated address. You understand that the collection of your order at the indicated address and your availability at the time chosen for the delivery are your responsibility. Therefore, if you are not present at the time of delivery, we will not be held responsible for the theft of product items, boxes, or any other items in your order. You will not be reimbursed for theft.

If an item in the order is damaged during shipment, incorrect or missing, you must contact us immediately upon receipt of your order at [email protected] or call us at 514-544-2665. Due to the perishable nature of products, you understand that we will not be responsible for damaged, incorrect or missing items in an order if you do not contact us within 48 hours following the delivery of your order.

On a public holiday, your order will be delivered the following day or week, or as specified in the information message shared through your personal account.

You can schedule deliveries for up to 4 weeks with the delivery calendar in your account. During this period, you may suspend delivery of an order at your discretion. If you do not wish to receive a delivery for a specific week, you must cancel the delivery by midnight on the Tuesday before the week in question, using the features of your delivery calendar.

Additional Terms and Conditions – Reusable Cooler Service Subscription

There are no additional fees or deposit fees for the reusable cooler service subscription.

By subscribing to the reusable cooler delivery service, you agree to return each cooler received to Cook it.  Each cooler must be returned to your delivery person when you receive your next order. If you are not at home, simply drop the cooler  at your doorstep or at the location indicated in your delivery preferences. 

In the event that a cooler is not returned to Cook it upon receipt of your next order, the following procedure will apply: 

  • Cook it will issue a sequence of three (3) email reminders. Each reminder email:
    • Will clearly state the number of each cooler still in your possession as well as the delivery date and expected return date of each cooler;
    • Will invite you to contact customer service to schedule the return of each cooler in your possession.
  • In the event that the cooler(s) in your possession are not returned to Cook it after three email reminders, a $30 charge per cooler still missing will be made to your credit card. You will receive an email indicating that the charge has been made and instructing you to contact customer service to schedule the return of the cooler(s) in your possession. Once the return of the cooler(s) is confirmed, we will refund the $30.00 collected.

Any cooler(s) returned to Cook it that is deemed damaged in a manner that makes it unsuitable for future use by Cook it will be considered non-returnable and the $30 fee for that cooler will not be refunded. 

In case of unsubscription

You can of course unsubscribe at any time. If you do, you will receive an email indicating which coolers are still in your possession. At that time, you will need to contact customer service and schedule the return of those coolers. In this case, the procedure described above will apply: three (3) email reminders followed by a $30 fee until the missing cooler(s) are returned.

In case of theft: 

Just like the normal cardboard box service, if your order is stolen, the 30$ fee will not be applicable to this situation. 

By clicking on the “Get the cooler” you agree to the Terms and Conditions and to subscribe to the reusable cooler service.

When you subscribe, you will be asked to choose the plan that suits your household based on your budget and the number of people you wish to serve. You can change this plan at any time, and it is your responsibility to ensure that the ordered quantities are appropriate and sufficient. You make your own selections each week. If you forget to make your selections, we will make selections based on your preferences and on popular dishes. We will send you emails to notify you of the week’s recipes; to remind you to make your selection or when a selection is made for you. Orders (including Pantry items) are delivered weekly according to your preferences.

Changes and Cancellation of Orders

You will receive a notification email when we receive your order for the following week. You will be able to modify it by replying to our email or by contacting our customer service before Wednesday at noon. You have until Thursday at 4:00 p.m to cancel your order in your personal account. After this time, we will have started preparing your order and you will not be able to cancel or modify it.

If you wish to make changes to your order, you may email us or contact our customer service department up until the Thursday before 4:00 p.m. prior to your order, with some exceptions, such as for ready-to-eat and Pantry products. Once you receive confirmation from our customer service department, we will be able to issue a credit for your next order.

We make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that our Products and recipes are available in sufficient quantities to meet public demand. However, some Products are available in limited quantities and may not be sufficient for all our subscribers. 

Each of our Products is subject to availability by our suppliers. products and ingredients for our recipes may be unavailable due to shortages, order errors, or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. If your item is not available at the time of your order, we will notify you and give you the option to change your order. Otherwise, we will refund you for any products or recipes in your order that are not available.

If an item is on sale and not available, we will suggest another item of the same nature at an equal or higher cost price, or we will send you a deferred purchase coupon for the item on sale.

Our order delivery services include access to the Pantry that contains food and household products for consumption from our business partners. When delivered to you, food products are final sales, as per our Return and Refund Policy described below.

In case of an inaccurate price on your invoice, the lower price between the one on your invoice and the one labeled and posted online will be applied. Please contact our customer service department at [email protected] for any errors regarding the charged price of products.

Every Week” option for Pantry products

As an optional feature, we offer you the ability to have pantry items added to your weekly orders automatically by clicking on the “Every Week” option. By selecting this option, you understand and agree that these items will be automatically added to your weekly orders in the quantities you have selected and at the prices posted until you terminate this option in your member area or terminate your membership. If you wish to skip a week, you can click on the “Not this week” button in your member area before midnight on the Tuesday of the week before your delivery. After that time, modification or cancellation of the order for these products is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the “Subscriptions and Orders” section above.

Prices quoted for pantry products ordered with the “Every Week” option are subject to change in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the “Changes to the Service Agreement” section below. 

You may terminate this option by clicking on the “Stop Subscription” button in your dashboard.

The products and recipes that are sold through our Services are final sales. You cannot return them, we do not issue refunds and we do not accept returns on these items due to their perishable nature and since we must comply with food safety standards. If you have any concerns about the freshness of the products or the taste of the ingredients in the recipe, or if you have a complaint, please contact our customer service department at [email protected], who will handle your complaint according to our internal complaint management process. 

However, if your product or any of the ingredients in your recipe is not compliant with applicable legal warranties, such as its intended use, we may exchange the product, ingredient or recipe for a substantially similar one, give you a refund, or, if applicable, change the product at no charge, depending on applicable laws.

Unless otherwise specified, all our Products and recipes may contain allergens and our recipe production facility may process allergens. This can lead to risks of cross-contamination. Our Services are not appropriate for individuals with allergies. You understand that we will not be responsible if you decide to use our Services despite our allergen warnings. 

Medical Advice and Nutrition

We are not health professionals and the information on our website is not professional medical advice. Please contact a healthcare practitioner regarding your eating habits and food allergies.

We do not guarantee the freshness of food that is not consumed before the expiry date indicated on the products or recipes, including the best-before date. If you choose to consume these foods after the expiry date, we will not be responsible for the inedible food. Meats should generally be consumed within 5 days of delivery, and fish within 3 days. We recommend consuming fish and seafood first. You must also store food in proper conditions to keep it fresh and comply with food safety standards when cooking. You can refer to the Safe Food Regulations issued by Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

Certain foods or products may be subject to recall. If so, we will notify you as soon as this information is brought to our attention. You must also be careful and follow our recommendations and stay tuned to the public authorities’ instructions regarding food and food products recalls. 

Specific Diets

While we make every effort to ensure that we meet your dietary requirements, especially for products identified as “vegetarian”, we cannot guarantee that any recipe or cooked product is free of animal products. Please check the ingredient list to ensure that the selected product or recipe meets your dietary and nutritional preferences.

We own the recipes that are available through our Services, and we have copyright on these recipes. We allow you to use them to make the recipes or to keep them subsequently for personal use or for use with friends. You do not have permission to, among others, market the recipes, sell them or use them to create competing services. You may not use our trademarks, such as our logo, without our permission. 

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, we are the sole owners of any suggestions, improvement requests, recommendations or any other feedback you provide us, as long as they are related to the Services (“Suggestions”). You hereby assign to us, without limitation of any kind, all of your rights, title and interest regarding such suggestions, and we accept such assignment. You waive your moral rights in such suggestions, and you understand that we may market your suggestions with or without your consent.

You may acquire prepaid cards for the use of our order delivery services, or to purchase products that are available in the Pantry. The applicable rules for prepaid cards are as follows:

  • You can contact our customer service department at any time to inquire about the remaining balance on your prepaid card.
  • Prepaid cards do not expire, and they do not have a replacement date. If we request a replacement, the prepaid card retains its value.
  • Prepaid cards are applicable for the following products:
    • Pantry products;
    • Weekly recipes;
    • Cook IT cooked meals; 
  • You may need to activate your prepaid card before using it. There is no activation fee applicable.
  • Prepaid cards can only be used in our online store at 
  • If we require the replacement of the prepaid card, the replacement will be at our own expense. 
  • You are not entitled to any interest on balances of the prepaid card.
  • Prepaid cards are not reloadable.
  • We are not responsible if your prepaid card is lost or stolen. We will not be able to help you if you lose your prepaid card.

Prepaid cards are non-refundable and non-cancelable, even if you have lost your prepaid card.

If you make a transaction with your prepaid card beyond this period, we will consider you to have consented to such amendments. Unless otherwise specified, prepaid cards are sent to you via Canada Post, according to the usual delivery times. For security reasons, they are not delivered with your orders.

Gift cards and discounted gift cards are non-refundable.

“Discounted gift cards” are gift cards on which a credit towards purchase has been temporarily applied. Discounted gift card(s) cannot be used on the account of the person who purchased the gift card. By ordering a box, you agree to a subscription service. To use multiple discounted gift cards on the same account, contact customer service. Regular gift cards are not subjected to these terms.

As a subscriber to our Services, you can send referral codes to your friends, who will receive discounts on their first orders. When they accept and use your referral code, you will receive a credit to your account or any other benefits listed in the promotion, including stars as part of the Star Chef Program. Click here to be redirected to the Star Chef Program section of this contract. You can find additional information on using referral codes in your member area by clicking here.

The rules applicable to referral codes are as follows:

  • If you use the features of our website to share your referral account, you must ensure that you have the right to forward these emails to your friends. You may not forward emails to strangers, and you must comply with anti-spam legislation, otherwise we will not be responsible.
  • Our referral codes are for your friends and family. For example, you may not share them publicly on your social networks, or send them through marketing distribution lists. You also may not share them on discount, coupon, resale, content websites or in any other online communities.
  • You may not use the referral codes for commercial purposes and you may not sell them or obtain compensation in exchange for your codes.
  • You cannot offer these codes to anyone who resides at the same address as you, or to anyone who is already a subscriber to our Services. Referral codes are strictly for new subscribers.

If you wish to use your referral code for purposes other than those permitted in this contract, you must contact us at [email protected]. This also applies to influencers. There are terms and conditions for public use of referral codes, and these may differ from those contained in this contract. We may decline any request at our discretion. If you wish to notify us of a breach of the referral code usage rules, you may contact us at [email protected]. In the event of a breach of these rules, we will contact you and provide you with an opportunity to justify yourself. If we reasonably conclude that you have not complied with these rules, upon written notice, we will cancel any benefits you have received as a result of your violation of these rules and suspend your right to use the referral codes, or even suspend your access to the Services.

You may be invited by one of our subscribers to use our Services and offered a discount card, or you may receive a discount card from us. These discount cards are prepaid cards that you can use according to the rules mentioned above as part of our Services. These discount cards are ex gratia and may be cancelled or terminated by us at any time, unless prohibited by law. We may, at our discretion, change the terms and conditions applicable to these discount cards.

Promotional discounts dedicated to new subscribers cannot be used by individuals who already subscribe to our Services. For example, creating multiple subscriptions to take advantage of our discounts is strictly prohibited. Promotional discounts may be subject to additional terms and conditions, if any, and these will be brought to your attention.

Star Chef Program Enrollment. 

The Star Chef Program is a rewards program available to all our delivery services subscribers. You are automatically enrolled in the Star Chef Program when you create your account. Should you decide to unsubscribe from our Services (by terminating your subscription with Cook it), you forfeit the benefits of the program and will no longer benefit from it. If you had unused stars, they cannot be recovered if you decide to use our services again.

Star Chef Statuses. 

Star chef statuses are awarded to customers based on the amount they have spent at Cook it since they first signed up. 

  • All customers who have spent less than $2,500 in their lifetime at Cook it have the status “Apprentice Chef”.
  • All customers who have spent from $2,500 to $7,999.99 in their lifetime at Cook it have the status “Head Chef”.
  • All customers who have spent $8,000 or more in their lifetime at Cook it have the status “VIP Chef”.

The statuses “Head Chef” and “VIP Chef” give you access to additional activities to earn more rewards and exclusive promotions, as detailed on our website and in our communications. VIP Chefs also have access to a dedicated customer service line. These benefits are reserved for Head Chefs and VIP Chefs and cannot be offered indirectly to other members. Additional terms and conditions may apply to these exclusive promotions. Once you reach the status of Head Chef or VIP Chef, this status is yours and does not expire. You can even get it back, if you leave Cook and come back again later.

Earn stars.  

You earn points based on your purchases, by referring friends who become Cook it customers and buy their first box or by completing challenges that allow you to get stars as a reward. 

  • As an Apprentice Chef, you earn 1 star for every $2 spent through the services, before taxes.
  • As an Head Chef, you earn 1 star for every $1.50 spent through the services, before taxes.
  • As a VIP Chef, you earn 1 star for every $1 spent through the services, before taxes. 

Despite the foregoing and any statement to the contrary, no stars are awarded for the purchase of a gift card or for the use of a promotional code. Stars cannot be redeemed for products valued over $50. If we cancel part of your order, if you request a refund or if you make changes to your order with our customer service department, we will adjust the stars assigned to you. You may have a negative star balance if you have spent the stars in the meantime. The next stars you earn will be used to pay back the deficit, and the balance of stars will be added to your account. 

Obtaining rewards other than stars. 

In addition to earning stars, you will have the opportunity to earn other types of rewards from time to time (e.g., dollar discounts, percentage discounts, free pantry products, or Cook it branded products). To earn these types of rewards, you will have access, from time to time and via your Star Chef dashboard, to a list of challenges that you can complete at different times of the year. Additional terms and conditions apply to each challenge and reward and these challenges are subject to change without notice. 

Terms and Conditions for Exchanging Stars. 

You can exchange your stars at any time for eligible products from the Pantry. You can go to the Pantry to see how many stars are needed to obtain the desired eligible product. We decide every now and then which products can be exchanged for stars. These products may vary depending on our agreements with our partners and the availability of products. Therefore, you must place an order to obtain your rewards and the stars have no other financial value. You must have enough stars to purchase the product, therefore stars cannot be used to obtain discounts.


Instead of redeeming your stars for products, you can also donate them by choosing one of the charities identified by Cook it here in your Customer space. In exchange for your donation of 1,000 stars, we will donate $5 to the chosen charity. You can calculate the value of your donation points directly on this web page. Please note the following conditions:

  • You will not receive a receipt for tax purposes;
  • Once your transfer is submitted, it is final and cannot be canceled or refunded.

While we make every effort to select respectable charities with the same values as ours, it is up to you to do your own due diligence to ensure that the charity you choose for your donation matches your values. These organizations are not our suppliers, and we are not responsible for how these organizations handle donations received by third parties such as Cook it. 

Amendments to the Star Chef Program. 

We may amend the terms and conditions applicable to your participation in the Star Chef Program, as follows 

  • Promotions and benefits associated with the program;
  • The value of the stars obtained;
  • Eligibility requirements for the program, including Star Chef status;
  • Our Privacy Policy describes how we handle your personal information in the context of our Star Chef Program. 

This contract is in effect as soon as you become a Cook it customer and for as long as you wish to use our services. You may terminate your subscription to our services at any time, free of charge. To unsubscribe, simply go to your profile and unsubscribe at the bottom of the Plans section: You can also contact our customer service department or email us at [email protected]. If you terminate your subscription after midnight on Tuesday of the week prior to a delivery, the terms and conditions set forth in the “Subscriptions and Orders” section will remain applicable for your last order. If you are in violation of this agreement, we will be obligated to suspend your access to the Services.

We may amend the Service Contract, notably to comply with new obligations or to reflect amendments in our Services. Where applicable, changes may affect subscription models, special offers or the subscription price and/or price per portion. If we amend the contract, we will give you sven (7) days’ notice prior to the amendments coming into effect, and they will not apply to orders that are paid and in process. If you do not agree with the amendments, you may discontinue the use of the Services at any time. Click here for additional information on how to unsubscribe and terminate this contract.

Changes to services
We may make changes to the Services, such as adding new products or features. You understand that the products and recipes available in our services are subject to change each week, and the product you like may not be available the following week.

As part of our Services, you may have access to links to products, services or applications that are not part of our Services, such as for sharing content on your social networks. These third parties are not our providers and we are therefore not responsible for how they handle your personal information or the terms they apply to the use of their services. We will therefore not be responsible for any services, products or applications that you access through external links as part of our Services.

Complaint Resolution Process  

If you have a complaint about our Services or Products, we encourage you to contact us quickly to find a solution at [email protected]Please note that the Consumer Protection Bureau may also allow you to use the platform PARLe to resolve a dispute online if you meet the applicable terms and conditions. You can find more information on how to use this service by clicking here. At the consumer’s choice, any dispute can be resolved through mediation or arbitration.