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The chef’s favourite with Constance: week of March 3rd


The chef’s favourite with Constance: week of March 3rd


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It’s spring break time! A much-awaited time to escape, relax, and create unforgettable memories with family. This year, I’ve decided to fully embrace these holidays by renting a ski chalet, where we can all gather and share precious moments together. And thanks to Cook it, even on vacation, I can continue to cook easily and deliciously for the whole family. One of the incredible advantages of Cook it is the possibility of having meals delivered directly to the chalet. No need to worry about grocery shopping or meal planning, everything is taken care of and delivered to our doorstep. Since there will be several of us sharing this time at the chalet, I’ve decided to order more portions than usual. This way, we’ll have plenty of delicious meals to satisfy everyone’s appetites. Cook it makes it so easy by allowing us to adjust our portions according to our needs, which is perfect for group vacations. 

For this special week, I’ve chosen recipes that focus on sharing and conviviality. Simple, tasty, and easy-to-make dishes that will allow us to focus on the essentials: enjoying our time together. Meals that evoke childhood memories and warm the heart, perfectly suited for a family spring break.

Beef Lasagna Soup, with lasagna noodles, italian spices, mozzarella and basil

Dive into the ultimate comfort of lasagna with this comforting and delicious soup. Combining the classic flavours of lasagna with the warmth of homemade soup, this recipe is a true culinary experience. Lasagna noodles add a rich and satisfying texture, while Italian spices bring an authentic touch and flavour. The melting mozzarella cheese adds irresistible creaminess, while fresh basil offers a fragrant touch of freshness. Perfect for a cold evening after a day on the ski slopes, this lasagna soup is also ideal for lunches the next day. Prepare a large pot and savour this comforting dish with family or friends, creating unforgettable memories around the table.

Crispy Caesar Chicken Sandwich with crudités and dip 

Discover our irresistible Crispy Chicken Caesar Sandwich, a recipe that is both simple and absolutely delicious. What makes this sandwich so special is the crispy chicken with its panko crust that becomes irresistibly crunchy when cooked. The secret lies in the spice blend, including lemon pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder, which adds a burst of flavour to every bite. As a complement, the fresh vegetables add a touch of freshness and lightness to this sandwich. Their varied combination brings a crunchy texture and vibrant flavours that perfectly complement the crispy chicken. It’s an ideal way to add colour and vitality to your meal while enjoying a healthy and balanced diet.

Jackfruit Tacos with bbq sauce, riz and guacamole

I had the chance to discover jackfruit here at Cook it, thanks to one of my vegan colleagues. This amazing fruit reminds me of heart of palm and proves to be incredibly versatile in the kitchen. It perfectly mimics the texture and flavour of braised meat, offering a delicious and nourishing vegetarian alternative. This version of tacos is the perfect opportunity to explore this delightful ingredient for those who are not yet familiar with it. The tacos are generously filled with creamy guacamole, fresh tomatoes, and crunchy radishes, adding an explosion of flavours and textures to every bite. The jackfruit, prepared with our delicious homemade BBQ sauce, brings a smoky and savoury note to this iconic dish. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or simply curious to discover new flavours, these Jackfruit Tacos are a delicious and satisfying option for all Mexican cuisine enthusiasts. Indulge in this exquisite combination of flavours and fresh ingredients, and enjoy a meal that is as delicious as it is nourishing!

Before finishing, a quick tour of our Pantry section. This week, I invite you to discover our thematic products for Spring Break. Here is my selection:

  • Creamy Pickle Chips from Covered Bridge
  • Milk chocolate caramel burst bar from Chocolat Boréal 
  • Rainbow Sugar Belt from Kandju

Constance Tassé-Gagnon

Deputy Director of Product and Partnerships

Constance, a true culinary globetrotter, always on the lookout for the latest gastronomic trends. With 15 years of experience as a cook and pastry chef in Montreal’s gourmet restaurants, she excels in the art of dining and is always ready to host a memorable gathering. Her heart belongs to traditional Quebec cuisine, but her soul tirelessly explores flavors from around the world. Follow her for invaluable culinary tips and extraordinary taste discoveries that will make your next event an absolute success!