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6 Host and Hostess Gift Ideas


6 Host and Hostess Gift Ideas


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The holiday season can be a busy time for most of us. Between planning family meals, searching for gifts for loved ones, and picking out a little something for our hosts, December flies by in the blink of an eye. 

If you’re anything like me, you might have a Google Sheets document to keep track of your gift list. To help you complete your list and simplify your life this year, we’ve gathered some suggestions for 100% Quebec-made products to give as host and hostess gifts, available in our Pantry. And the best part? You don’t even need to make a detour to the store. These gifts will be delivered directly in your weekly Cook it box!

Kanel – Spice Set – Classic Collection ($38.00)

Located in Montreal, Kanel offers an exceptional spice box of eight of the most beloved spice blends. This flavourful collection will elevate your daily cooking with just a pinch. It’s the perfect gift for those hard-to-please loved ones. The box includes flavours like Black Summer Truffle Salt, Stockholm Lemon and Dill, Neapolitan Garlic, Montreal Everything Bagel, Organic Sunday Roast, Sweet and Smoky Rub, Butcher’s Block, and Holy Garlic Salt.

Alcyon – Sea Salt Boxed Gift Set ($49.95)

From the Magdalen Islands, this gift set is perfect for exploring Alcyon’s range of sea salts. It includes maple-spiced, lemon-parsley, 3-vegetables, and natural flavours. An ideal gift for culinary enthusiasts looking to discover new flavours!

Allo Simonne – Gift Box – Hazelnut, Chocolate and Bliss ($40.00)

Based in Montreal, Allo Simonne has created a beautiful gift set featuring its most popular spreads, with illustrations by Marlone. This gift lets you introduce your loved ones to 6 delicious spreads.

Moonday – Candle – Pine Paradise  ($29.95)

Made in Montreal, this candle is a true sensory delight. Lighting it is like opening the window to your kitchen and welcoming the forest inside. It’s a perfect scent for this time of year.

Bkind – Hand Soap – Grapefruit and Eucalyptus ($19.99)

This hand soap, made in Montreal, produces a gentle, fruity-scented foam that leaves hands clean and soft. A practical and pleasant gift for everyday use.

Pista – Seasonal Coffee – Whole Beans ($18.50)

Saison is a blend of two coffees from Brazil and Colombia, offered by Pista Café in Montreal. Inspired by Italian tradition, Saison is a dark roast blend specially designed for espresso. A perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts.

By offering one of these hostess gifts, you show appreciation for the warm hospitality you’ve received. These 100% Quebec-made local products are a way to celebrate the holiday season while supporting local artisans. So, treat yourself and delight your hosts with these gifts that enchant the senses and warm the heart.

Remember that Christmas is primarily a time for sharing and camaraderie. Hostess gifts are thoughtful, but the essence lies in the precious moments spent with loved ones. The important thing is to savour the present moment and celebrate friendship and family.

Marie-Ève Léonard

Senior Executive Advisor

With 10 years of experience in communications, Marie-Ève has navigated the world of advertising agencies and executive advising. Her journey has led her to collaborate with numerous Quebec and Canadian companies, brilliantly illuminating their products and services in the eyes of consumers. She has a true passion for branding, design, interior decor, Pinterest, culinary discoveries, and the entire spectrum of creativity. Follow her to explore the delightful creations crafted at Cook it.