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Savour Quebec’s finest with Cook it’s ready-to-eat partners


Savour Quebec’s finest with Cook it’s ready-to-eat partners


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In a world filled with routines and responsibilities, our dedication transcends mere sustenance. It’s about crafting meaningful experiences that seamlessly align with any occasion, igniting joy, fostering connections, and nurturing a profound appreciation for life’s abundance. Over the past year, we’ve created and curated some of the most cherished ready-to-eat dishes tailored to satisfy your family’s preferences.

In our relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional culinary experiences and ensuring continuous quality in both our product and service, our goal is to emerge as the primary aggregator in the Quebec ready-to-eat market. While strategically choosing to maintain our focus on ready-to-cook options, we’ve taken a temporary step to discontinue the production of Cook it-branded ready-to-eat meals. Instead, we’ve joined forces with your local culinary maestros to bring you the most exquisite and beloved prepared meals available.

This strategic shift empowers us to present an ever-evolving menu that mirrors the vibrant culinary tapestry of Quebec through valued partnerships. We firmly believe that this change will not only meet but surpass your expectations, offering a diverse and delightful array of options delivered directly to your doorstep. Cook it’s unwavering commitment remains steadfast, dedicated to meeting the escalating demand with nothing short of the finest offerings Quebec has to offer.

Meet the culinary artisans crafting Cook it’s gastronomic prepared meals experience

1. Umami: Experience Umami like never before

Umami ramen & izakaya, the pioneer of vegan ramen in Montreal, has been a vital partner in crafting Cook it’s ready-to-cook meals for the past three years. Renowned for their mastery in ramen noodles, dumpling wrappers, and delectable sauces, they’ve been a driving force behind our innovative menu. Now, they’re bringing their restaurant favourites to Cook it’s ready-to-eat selection, along with exclusive recipes crafted solely for Cook it customers. Get ready for a taste of Umami’s finest!

2. Aux Vivres: Savour the essence of vegan excellence

Aux Vivres, an iconic Montreal destination in the world of plant-based dining, presents an array of delights—from wraps to bowls, including their renowned Dragon Bowl, and weekly-changing comfort specialties like the Malai Kofta Thali. With a dedication to wholesome, plant-powered cuisine, Aux Vivres adds a flavorful touch to our menu. Get ready for a journey through the best of plant-based culinary artistry!

3. Carrément Tarte: Indulge in quiche perfection

Carrément Tarte, the quiche connoisseur, offers a weekly delight of two distinct quiche flavours. From classic Quiche Lorraines to mushroom and spinach pies, each bite is a legacy of artisanal excellence passed from mother to son. Proudly continuing the tradition of pure butter craftsmanship, Carrément Tarte brings you irresistibly delicious and elegantly crafted squares. Every creation is a blend of passion, finesse, and the delightful crunchiness of their signature crust. Taste the essence of pastry perfection!

4. La Maison du Rôti: Taste Montreal’s tradition

A Montreal culinary icon for over 50 years, this Plateau gem is celebrated for its top-tier products, from high-quality meats and artisanal charcuterie to ready-made meals, fine cheeses, and more. Our weekly menu showcases La Maison du Rôti’s timeless ready-to-eat classics like beef bourguignon, portabella and madeira veal stir-fry, and savoury cabbage rolls. Proudly supporting locals, their French-inspired preparation of meat adds a touch of gourmet flair to every bite. Experience Quebec’s finest with a French touch!

5. Menu Extra: Indulge in the culinary expertise

Menu Extra brings gourmet dining experiences into your home. Helmed by renowned chef Francis Blais, former chef at Le Mousso in Montreal and the youngest winner of Top Chef Canada in 2020, Menu Extra delivers a taste of fine cuisine right to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in a world of precision and unique, delicious ready-to-eat dishes, including delights like coq au vin and potato gnocchi with squash. This is, without a doubt, fine-dining at home!

“At Cook it, we have always been committed to supporting our wonderful local businesses and showcasing their expertise. Today, we are super excited to announce that we are adding new partners to our offering! This means even more variety and delights in your menus. We are truly proud of this step, which reinforces our commitment to local talent and brings you even more gourmet choices.” – Constance Tassé-Gagnon, Associate Director of Product and Partnerships.

Embark on a culinary journey with the very best of Quebec’s culinary scene. Our upcoming lineup promises a continuous feast of exquisite flavours. Keep your appetite ready for an exciting array of prepared meals that will elevate your lunch and dinner experience. As of December 6, get ready to discover more extraordinary prepared dishes with Cook it!

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