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Local Legends: The Culinary Week of Quebec Entrepreneurs at Cook it


Local Legends: The Culinary Week of Quebec Entrepreneurs at Cook it


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Cook it has always been committed to celebrating the richness of Quebec’s culinary culture and supporting local entrepreneurs. It is in this spirit that the Local Legends project was born, a special gastronomic week highlighting 5 exceptional Quebecois entrepreneurs. In collaboration with these passionate creators, we have created five exclusive recipes that celebrate our local products. We invite you to discover these inspiring entrepreneurs, what the love for dining means to them, and learn more about the delicious recipes they have crafted for this special occasion.

Lentil and Sausage Stew inspired by Stefano Faita

Stefano Faita, the entrepreneur behind popular Montreal restaurants Gema, Impasto, Chez Tousignant and Vesta. In 2017, he created his own line of products sold in grocery stores under his name, which were very quickly adopted and loved by consumers all over the country. Discover this Lentil and Sausage Stew, inspired by Stefano’s recipe, and offered with a full jar of his tomato and basil sauce.

“For me, the love for dining is above all about the people I share these moments with. It’s about discovery, openness to others, and an opportunity to make room for the products and artisans who work hard for us. Food is a wonderful vehicle to connect with others in an increasingly individualistic world.”

“This recipe is comfort on a plate. It’s the kind of dish that allows me to have a peaceful dinner because I hear very little noise around the table when I serve it to my family – and no noise around the table is rare at my place! No complaints on the horizon; my family is too busy enjoying their meal!”

In short, it’s the perfect dish when you’ve had a long day, want to eat well, and treat yourself. It doesn’t require many preparation steps but is a hit every time!

Warm Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad by Andréanne Marquis

Andréanne Marquis, founder of Womance and Sans-Façon Cosmétiques. A pioneer of ephemeral mobile boutiques, Andréanne is recognized for her innovative vision of retail in Quebec. Discover her Warm Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad recipe, a creative but oh-so-tasty interpretation of this classic for a quick supper.

“I’m a huuuge fan of salads. I could eat them every day, and as soon as I see Brussels sprouts at the grocery store, I buy them! A Caesar salad reinvented with Brussels sprouts is a dream come true for me.”

“This summer, my boyfriend and I (let’s be honest, it’s more him than me) planted our first garden at home. We harvested our first vegetables, and when we cooked them, we were thrilled! The love for dining, for me, is recognizing the work behind each product I consume. When I go grocery shopping, I always try to buy locally grown products, and when we cook more elaborate dinners, I love finding recipes that go well with seasonal vegetables – like Brussels sprouts!”

Maple-Glazed Salmon by Nicolas Duvernois

Nicolas Duvernois, President and founder of Duvernois Esprits Créatifs. An entrepreneur at heart, Nicolas is renowned for creating alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands such as Pur Vodka, Romeo’s gin and Bock/Ale. For him, a sit-down meal is the perfect excuse for discoveries. That’s why his recipe for Maple Lacquered Salmon is ideal for an evening in good company.

“For me, the love for dining can be summed up in five words: Family, friends, discovery, sharing, and moments! I’ve always loved food, but during the pandemic, I discovered a true passion! Honestly, a perfect day for me is a day when I cook with my kids, listen to music, and wait for guests to arrive!”

“This recipe is a family favorite! Firstly, I love everything related to the trio of maple, salmon, and soy sauce. When you add vegetables, it becomes the ‘almost perfect’ recipe… P.S.: I’m still on the lookout for the perfect recipe!”

Tomato Curry Coco Tteokbokki by Geneviève Everell

Geneviève Everell, founder of the company Sushi à la maison. Renowned for her gourmet non-traditional sushi, she is also known for a dozen books, a home catering service and 9 counters across Quebec. Discover her TTeokbokki recipe with tomato curry coconut sauce, inspired by her popular Instagram videos.

“I absolutely love this type of creation, so simple yet so rich in culture. I had fun experimenting with new things and playing with ingredients, which led to this incredible recipe. The creaminess and harmonious flavours of the accompanying coconut curry sauce are simply divine!”

“Interestingly, I posted the recipe in an Instagram Reel not too long ago, and people asked me to pin it at the top of my feed so they wouldn’t have to search for it, as they love making it.”

BBQ Black Garlic Duck Breast by Francis Blais

Francis Blais, co-founder of Menu Extra and the first Quebecer to win first place on Top Chef Canada (2020). Known for his bold cooking, Francis developed his techniques in Copenhagen at a two-star Michelin restaurant, then at Maison Boulud at the Ritz in Montreal. Discover his Black Garlic BBQ Duck Breast recipe, a deliciously local gastronomic meal.

“This recipe has a special history, as I discovered it during an internship in the Faroe Islands, located somewhere between Iceland and Denmark, in a restaurant called KOKS. Over time, I adjusted this recipe to make it my own and adapted it to local products here, creating a fusion of unique and memorable flavors.”

“What particularly resonates with me in this recipe is that it perfectly embodies the principles of the Slow Food movement, especially with the use of black garlic as an essential component of our BBQ sauce. The latter is the result of meticulous cooking, where we cook garlic at 60 degrees Celsius for 60 days. This unique method allows us to use every part of the garlic, from its skin to its flesh, while preserving its flavor and quality over time.”

“For me, the love for dining is synonymous with special moments. It’s the art of creating suspended moments filled with sharing and exchanges, offering those we cherish a delicious meal that awakens their taste buds and creates unforgettable memories.”

Recipes available for order until November 21, 2023.

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