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SmartPrice: The new pricing structure that gives you more!


SmartPrice: The new pricing structure that gives you more!


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At Cook it, we’re always attentive to our customers’ needs and aim to provide solutions that cater to them. That’s why we’re excited to introduce SmartPrice, our new pricing structure that puts more control in your hands. For this occasion, we asked Thomas Dubrana, our Products Director, to share all the details behind this innovative initiative.

What is SmartPrice?

“SmartPrice is our response to the diverse budget needs of our clients. It’s a flexible pricing structure that allows our subscribers to customize their weekly menus based on their budget, with pricing options starting from just $9.90 per portion. Our priority is to accommodate all budget types.”

A structure different from traditional pricing models

“Unlike the traditional fixed pricing model of the meal kit industry, which is based on a minimum number of portions, SmartPrice offers a range of prices for each recipe. Customers are no longer required to meet a minimum portion requirement. They can choose from our comprehensive offerings, whether it’s ready-to-eat meals, ready-to-cook options, or grocery products.

It’s now even easier to create the perfect box for all occasions. For instance, you can now fill your weekly box exclusively with pantry staples if you wish.This pricing flexibility ensures better value for money while supporting our company values.”

Adapting to the current reality

“We’re aware of the economic pressures faced by our subscribers and ourselves. That’s why we’ve decided to reduce margins on some recipes while maintaining the same quality. Our goal is to safeguard our community’s purchasing power by offering budget-friendly options. The introduction of SmartPrice is our way of directly responding to feedback from our subscribers who seek affordable solutions without compromising quality.”

Reduced minimum basket for more budget control

“Reducing the minimum threshold to $85 provides more freedom in product selection, ensuring that Cook it is accessible for all occasions, whether large or small, to meet your needs each week.

The starting price per portion, now as low as $9.90, reflects our ability to secure advantageous deals on certain ingredients through significant volume purchases. This allows us to offer attractive rates to our customers while maintaining high quality.

Note that the quality of ingredients does not vary with recipe prices. We are committed to maintaining high-quality standards, regardless of the recipe offered and our subscribers’ budgets. For example, Quebec organic garlic is identical for a recipe sold at $9.90 or $35 per portion.”

A stronger commitment than ever to the local ecosystem

“By choosing Cook it, you support the entire ecosystem of Quebecois producers. We assist our suppliers in selling their stock, which is crucial in the current recession context, where selling local products can be more challenging. It’s a tangible way for our customers to contribute to the sustainability of the local food industry while enjoying delicious meals at competitive prices.”

Ultimately, eat well, spend less!

Florence St-lgnan

Chargée des communications et du marketing d’influence

Passionnée par les tendances culturelles et médiatiques, Florence est une fière « Zillenial » avec une solide expertise en médias sociaux et marketing d’influence. Forte de plus de 6 ans d’expérience en création de contenu, elle a participé au rayonnement de plusieurs compagnies québécoises sur les réseaux sociaux et dans les médias telles BonLook, Sans-Façon, Menu Extra, et maintenant Cook it. Afin de rester à l’affût des dernières tendances en matière d’art de vivre, elle vous invite à suivre son contenu pour une dose d’inspiration quotidienne.