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Cook it’s odyssey: A commitment to sustainable food and beyond


Cook it’s odyssey: A commitment to sustainable food and beyond


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At Cook it, every bite tells a story of sustainable food choices. When we reflected upon the 400 tonnes of cardboard we consumed in 2019, it underscored our ambition to continually strive for a brighter, greener future. This introspection led us to innovate: introducing our pioneering vision for the reusable cooler. While our existing 99% recycled cardboard already hinted at our commitment to eco-practices, we wanted to set a precedent in sustainable agriculture.

2019 marked our deeper dive into the world of organic farming. The introduction of our flexible reusable bag was an embodiment of our ethos – fresh, locally sourced ingredients making their way to your kitchen, a farm-to-table experience like no other. Yet, our journey wasn’t without its challenges, like mastering the logistics of eco-friendly distribution. The onset of the global pandemic further emphasized the importance of ethical sourcing and the need for businesses to be agile.

A dedication to sustainable agriculture and ethical sourcing

By October 2023, the ripples of our efforts had expanded into waves of change. Over 1000 clients had endorsed our sustainable mantra, echoing our call for an eco-conscious tomorrow. Each order placed wasn’t just a culinary delight but was also a testament to sustainable seafood, fair trade practices, and a collective dedication to the planet. Being nominated for the Écotech Québec Eureka Awards was both a pat on the back and a reminder that we must never rest on our laurels.

At Cook it, collaboration is our secret sauce. Our partnerships with experts in sustainable agriculture and passionate local producers ensure a seamless farm-to-table journey. Our dedication to eco-friendly packaging with our cooler and food waste reduction isn’t just a business model; it’s a promise. As we look ahead, we’re continually evolving, exploring the nuances of fair trade and staying updated with the latest in green technology.

Embracing eco-friendly packaging and food waste reduction

As we cast our nets wider, expanding beyond Montreal, our core remains unshaken. We’re committed to providing food that’s more than just a meal; it’s a sustainable experience. This encompasses everything from locally sourced ingredients to sustainable seafood. Our aspiration is not just to be a part of the industry but to redefine it, aiming for a completely reusable and eco-conscious dining journey.

Every plate served by Cook it speaks volumes of a community that values sustainability. Your engagement, whether it’s through choosing our fair trade options, or diving into our sustainable seafood dishes, fuels our resolve. Your stories, critiques, and suggestions are our guiding stars.

In essence, Cook it is more than a brand; it’s a reflection of a lifestyle that chooses sustainable food, values ethical sourcing, and respects the Earth. Together, let’s leave a legacy that future generations will not only relish but also respect.

Thomas Dubrana

Thomas Dubrana

Thomas, one of the founding pillars of Cook it, is an expert in product and sustainable sourcing. With a degree in horticulture and viniculture and over 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry, he initially oversaw purchasing, logistics, and partnerships. After a brief stint in France, he returned to his true passion: promoting responsible sourcing. Instrumental in forming key partnerships and implementing ingredient traceability, Thomas contributes to Cook it’s success as a catalyst for change in the Quebec food ecosystem. Follow him for enlightening insights on sustainability and the future of food.