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Quebec Company Cook it Acquires MissFresh

Quebec Company Cook it Acquires MissFresh

MONTREAL, December 10, 2019  – Montreal-based ready-to-cook company Cook it is proud toannounce the acquisition of one of its main competitors in the industry: MissFresh. Founded in 2015, MissFresh has known significant growth in recent years. This acquisitionwill allow Cook it to increase its Canadian market share. Its customers will also be able to pick up their ready-to-cook boxes at participating Metro stores.

Cook it is the second most important ready-to-cook company in Quebec, and the third in Canada.MissFresh’s operations will be integrated with to the Cook it banner. Cook it is also moving its entire production to Ville Saint-Laurent.This move will allow its facilities to grow from 10,000 square feet to 34,000 square feet, and serve both Cook it and MissFresh customers. The company will see its number of employees jump to 260. . 

“As a women entrepreneur, I’m proud to acquire a company co-founded and led by Marie-Eve Prévost, a local businesswoman. There was a natural fit between our two businesses, especially since both of our biggest strengths  have always been to listen to our clients. Every day, Cook it strives to create a product that meets the highest standards of quality, to simplify the lives of its customers, without compromise.” – Judith Fetzer, Founding President of Cook it

“With this acquisition, we’re carrying out our growth strategy and getting closer to our revenue goal, which is to hit 100 million dollars in sales within two years. This transaction is a major win for the ready-to-cook industry, and positions us as an industry leader in Quebec and Canada.” – Patrick Chamberland, Strategy and Special Projects Senior Vice President

This is the second transaction for the Montreal company, which acquired competitor Kuisto in 2016.

Greener than ever!

Being more responsible is a priority for both MissFresh and Cook it. This transaction will accelerate the company’s environmental shift, and allow Cook it to distribute its Sustainable Kit to a larger clientèle, through participating Metro stores. The Quebec company aims to distribute its Sustainable Kit, a pilot project that was launched more than a year ago, throughout Quebec and Ontario by 2020. Cook it is the only ready-to-cook company offering a 100% sustainable solution, aiming to reduce both food waste and single use packaging, while focusing on local Quebec producers and artisans.