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SAQ taste tags, now on the Cook it menu!

Montreal (QC) – October 28, 2021 – ​​Cook it is pleased to announce the arrival of the SAQ’s taste tags on its weekly menu. Starting October 28th, meal kit subscribers will be able to enjoy a unique experience with food and wine pairings thanks to this clever addition.

“Cook it has been a pioneer in the food industry with its ready-to-cook concept, just as the SAQ was when it introduced its taste tags to the general public,” explains Laurence Gagnon Beaudoin, CMO at Cook it.

Since then, this simple and practical tool has revolutionized the way Quebecers consume wine, by guiding them to bottles that meet their tastes and needs. “Discovery, pleasure, and learning are at the heart of our respective businesses. Our mission is to be the best way to eat and to make each meal a fun experience, and this new addition is perfectly in line with this commitment.,” she adds.

Cook it becomes the first of its industry to offer its customers the opportunity to enjoy delicious gastronomic pairings, by enhancing their meals with wines that have complementary aromas. When selecting their weekly recipes on the Cook it website, customers will be able to click on the taste tag associated with the dish and be redirected to SAQ.COM, where they will find recommendations for wines. They will also be able to view product availability online and in stores, save products as their favourites or place an order to receive their bottles and pair them with their Cook it meals.

With this new feature, Cook it hopes to increase the demand for Quebec products and showcase local talent through its various platforms. “Providing a showcase for Quebec producers and promoting their discovery is a vision we share with the SAQ,” explains Laurence.  “Beyond the economic and ecological impact of buying local, Quebec products stand out and the ever-growing interest in them encourages us to democratize them more than ever,” she concludes.

Among the first recipes that will be accompanied by SAQ taste tags are a delicious Chicken in an Apple and Herb Sauce (Fruity and Vibrant / To be enjoyed with a cider), tasty Tex Mex and Maple Crispy Tofu Tacos (Fruity and Medium-Bodied / To be enjoyed with a rosé wine), as well as delicious Mustard and Thyme Lamb Chops (Aromatic and Robust / To be enjoyed with a red wine). Customers will have until Tuesday, November 2 at 11:59 pm to make their first menu selection with the taste tags, and receive their meal kit between November 7 and 13.

About Cook it

As a pioneer of meal kits in Canada, Cook it’s goal is to be the best way to eat. Whether that’s by making you want to cook again, by reducing food waste or simply by taking away the mental load associated with meal planning, Cook it offers meals prepared with the best products on the market.

Every week, the menu offers 14 new ready-to-cook recipes, including vegetarian options, ready-to-eat meals to heat up in 2 minutes and all sorts of 100% local grocery items in the Pantry. Created by chefs and approved by nutritionists, every recipe is made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients for maximum freshness on your plate. With these delicious meals ready in less than 30 minutes and delivered to your home for free, having a diverse and balanced diet has never been so easy!

About the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ)

Created in 1921, the SAQ imports, distributes and sells a broad range of wines, beers and spirits. Its sales network comprises 409 stores and 429 agency stores located throughout Quebec as well as a transactional website, Driven by the passion and know-how of its 7,000 employees, the SAQ offers Quebecers a world of discovery, with nearly 44,000 products from 3,700 suppliers in 82 countries. In fiscal 2020-2021, the SAQ supported some 300 organizations and events and paid a dividend of $1.219 billion to the Quebec government, while also ensuring its business activities respected local communities and the environment.