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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Learn more about Cook it's executives. See how each of them helps create an inspiring environment for creativity and innovation.

Judith Fetzer, CEO and co-founder

An ambitious visionary, Judith has been leading Cook it ever since she co-founded it in 2014. Behind the massive success of Canada’s first ready-to-cook company—and incidentally the food industry’s digital revolution—is a bold entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to change the world in her own way (the best way). 

Thanks to her leadership, Judith knows how to surround herself with the best—and biggest—talents. During her appearances on the popular shows watched by millions of people, Dans l’œil du dragon (Québec, 2015) and Dragon’s Den (Canada, 2016) to present Cook it, she wins over both Québec and Canada’s most reputable investors. Both times, she receives multiple offers and in 2016, she leaves with a business partner, Arlene Dickinson. At the same time, Judith is adopted by Alain Bouchard, one of Canada’s greatest businessmen. Through the Adopte Inc. program, Mr. Bouchard picks her among more than 400 equally talented entrepreneurs. In just a few years, she created an impressive business network; Cook it is one of Québec’s 300 largest employers, has hundreds of loyal partners, several committed mentors and investors plus thousands of satisfied customers. 

Widely recognized for her talent and boldness in business, she’s the recipient of several prestigious awards such as Veuve Clicquot’s Bold Woman Award (2021), Canadian Business’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2020) and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Entrepreneure de l’année) from Femmes d’affaires du Québec (2020). Today, Judith is often invited to speak at various events and conferences and is frequently referenced in the media as being a role model for female entrepreneurs. 

Judith holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UQAM. Passionate about web culture, e-commerce, marketing and branding, she is very involved in the company’s brand strategy.

Judith is the proud mom of Antoine, a lovely 6-year-old boy born just as Cook it was making its way among Montréal’s most promising start-ups.

Patrick Chamberland, CFO, COO and co-founder

Patrick is a brilliant strategist. His ability to identify the right business opportunities —and the right people— led him to co-found Cook it in 2014. Patrick now plays a vital role in Cook it’s growth and prosperity as the vice-president and chief financial officer. Notably, he expertly led the major acquisitions of MissFresh (2019) and Kuisto (2016), positioning Cook it among the leaders of the industry. Being a skilled actuary with more than 15 years of finance experience, it’s no coincidence that the company triples its revenues every year under his lead.

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Patrick worked as a senior risk management and investment consultant for some of Québec and Canada’s biggest companies, such as Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and Air Canada

Known for his significant expertise, Patrick was elected by his peers to the Board of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries as a director in 2016. He actively took part in the development of important strategies for this prestigious national institution until 2019. 

His keen sense of business also led him to be an official finalist of Québec’s EY 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Patrick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science from UQAM as well as a chartered financial analyst certification (CFA) and is a Fellow member of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (FICA).

Philippe Proulx, Vice-President of Operations

Alongside Judith and Patrick on the board of directors, Philippe exudes tranquille strength. Trained in mechanical engineering, he has spent his 20-year career executing projects and leading teams in the United States, Switzerland and Canada. He has served various roles in cross-functional project management, operations management and digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. These mandates have inspired him to develop the Bonfire model, an integrated management approach that aims to create powerful work environments through more purpose-driven, caring and empowering leaders.

Father of four, Philippe is engaging and charismatic, with a real-world credibility that allows him to relate as well with both board members as with production floor employees.

Currently VP of Operations at Cook it, he is spearheading its operational transformation while acting as a member of the Executive Team.

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