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“Shrimp Roll” Pasta Salad

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"Shrimp Roll" Pasta Salad

with lettuce, celery, cucumber, buttery croutons and a creamy dressing

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20 min. | 645 kcal | easy | Family, Signature | Printable version
1. Cook the pasta Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add the pasta and cook 10-12 minutes until tender. Drain and rinse under cold water to cool.
2. Setup Cut the celery, cucumber and bell pepper into small cubes. Finely chop the lettuce. Cut the bread into small pieces. Cut the lemon into wedges. Strain the shrimps.
3. Make the sauce In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise with the spices to taste and the juice of half a lemon. Season to taste.
4. Cook the bread Heat 1-2 tbsp. of butter and a light drizzle of oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add the pieces of bread and cook 3-4 minutes until browned. Remove from the skillet.
5. Plate your dish Mix the pasta with the mayonnaise, the vegetables, shrimps and the pieces of bread. Season to taste. Bon appétit!
250gNordic Shrimp
180gTortiglioni Pasta
0.25unitBoston Lettuce
1unitLebanese Cucumber(s)
3gSpice Mix (celery salt,old bay spices)
1unitSlices of Bread
What you need bowls, pan, tongs, pot, strainer
645 kcal
% daily value
% daily value
carbohydrate 84g
fat 19g
cholesterol 166mg
fiber 5g
protein 32g
saturated 3g
sodium 958mg
sugar 6g
trans 0g
vitaminA 0mg
vitaminC 0mg
iron 0mg
calcium 0mg
potassium 0mg