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Vegan Thaï Curry Bowl

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Vegan Thaï Curry Bowl

Lightly spiced and expertly cooked with a vegan red curry paste, a blend of fresh vegetables and premium coconut milk. Vegan product made in Quebec.

2 minutes

May contain : Nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, organic soybeans, wheat, gluten, mustard, arame, woad, organic brown rice, organic linseed, organic millet, rhizopus culture.

Ingredients : Coconut milk, water, green peas, sweet potato, tempeh (organic soybeans, filtered water, rhizopus culture), turnip, red bell pepper, tomato paste, canola oil, onion, garlic, ginger, red curry paste (red chili, garlic, lemongrass, galanga (Thai ginger), sea salt, shallot, coriander root, kaffir lime leaves, spices), organic cane sugar, sea salt, lime leaves, turmeric, cayenne powder,

Nutritional values
Calories 555 kcal
% Daily value
carbohydrate 43.5g
fat 39g
cholesterol 0mg
fiber 12g
protein 18g
saturated 22.5g
sodium 3045mg
sugar 13.5g
trans 0.15g
vitaminA 0mg
vitaminC 0mg
iron 0mg
calcium 0mg
potassium 0mg