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Local Legends’ Gift Guide 2023


Local Legends’ Gift Guide 2023


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Cook it has recently partnered with 5 exceptional Quebec entrepreneurs as part of the Local Legends Week. Today, we are proud to present the 2023 Local Legends Gift Guide, featuring these local creators.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a host or ideas to savour the season to the fullest, this gift guide offers a variety of high-quality local products inspired by a love for food and sharing. Give the taste of Quebec as a gift this year and support our talented local entrepreneurs.

1. Stefano’s Panettones ($29.99)

A traditional Italian holiday cake perfect for the holiday gatherings and lazy mornings. Whether as a festive treat, an original hostess gift, or a secret ingredient to enhance your holiday table, Stefano’s Panettone is a winner.

2. Stefano’s Oils and Vinegars (Starting from $11.99)

Stefano’s range of olive oils and vinegars are the condiments that will accompany you in the kitchen every day. Made in the traditional way in Modena, Italy, these products are ideal for both seasoned and aspiring cooks.

3. Womance Ceramic Bottle Duo ($34.99)

Designed for any type of oil or vinegar, this duo of ceramic bottles will perfectly complement any decor. An excellent gift for minimalistic decor enthusiasts or as a hostess gift.

4. Geneviève Everell’s Passion Saumon Cookbook ($29.95)

With audacity and creativity, the famous chef offers over 100 delicious and original recipes created from a star ingredient: salmon! It’s the perfect gift for fishing enthusiasts or those who simply love tartares, sushi, and pokés!

5. Geneviève Everell’s Soup-Repas Cookbook ($29.95)

In this book, Geneviève Everell presents 110 original Asian-inspired recipes. You’ll find classics like Miso or Tonkinese, as well as surprising new dishes like Ramen and Cheese, Bangbang Soba, or Teriyaki Corn.

6. Womance Ceramic Spoon Rest ($14.99)

Both practical and useful, this accessory is a must-have in the kitchen to keep your workspace clean, especially during soup season! Its minimal style will perfectly match any decor.

7. Stefano’s Tiramisù ($17.99)

The star of Italian desserts! Stefano’s tiramisus are perfect for both small and large occasions. Available in three flavors – traditional, chocolate-hazelnut, and lemon-almond – they are perfect for completing your holiday feast or as a hostess gift.

8. romeo’s gin Non-Alcoholic Cocktails (Starting from $14.40)

romeo’s gin’s collection of non-alcoholic cocktails is the ultimate local option, allowing everyone to enjoy the same moments, regardless of their choice. Give these colourful bottles as gifts and celebrate without compromise!

9. Pur Vodka Ultra Premium ($48.25)

Crystal clear, delicate, and refined, Pur Vodka celebrates the strength and softness of Canadian riches. Made from 100% premium Canadian ingredients, it’s a must-have for spirits enthusiasts during the holidays.

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