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Cook it rethinks its subscription model to offer its customers even more flexibility

The Montreal-based company innovates with hyper-personalized plans

Montreal, October 4, 2022 –  Cook it is proud to unveil a brand new hybrid plan after over a year of work. Starting this week, subscribers will be able to order a mix of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals under the same plan,  or choose only one of the latter. They will also be able to select a different number of servings for each meal, a feature that makes it possible to entertain in large numbers for the holidays or order several different ready-to-eat meals to please every member of the family. Cook it is the first in its industry to offer so much latitude to its subscribers.

“The pandemic has brought a lot of change at home and in the workplace, and we need to adapt to the evolving needs of consumers, says Cook it President Judith Fetzer. “With a flexible model and a product that checks all the boxes, for both lunch and dinner.”

Cook it’s new ready-to-eat meals are tasty, free of conservation agents and ready in just 2 minutes, and are offered along with ready-to-cook recipes and a Pantry with 100% local products to complete your groceries.

The company, which reported 4% growth in its most recent fiscal year, has gained the support of several major partners over the past year, starting with the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, which invested $10 million for the acquisition of  Cook it’s ready-to-eat facilities last spring. This was followed by a partnership with the agri-food multinational Sodexo to produce the new meals. Finally, in August 2022, the company announced $5 million in financing from Desjardins Capital to continue to improve its customer experience.

“We always put our customers at the center of our reflections, and this new subscription is no exception. Several large scale projects have brought us to where we are today and we’re more than grateful for each person who has played a role in our journey,” concludes Judith Fetzer.

About Cook it
As a pioneer of meal kits in Canada, Cook it’s goal is to be the best way to eat. Whether that’s by making you want to cook again, by reducing food waste or simply by taking away the mental load associated with meal planning, Cook it offers meals prepared with the best products on the market. Every week, the menu offers over 20 new ready-to-cook recipes and ready-to-eat meals to heat up in 2 minutes, vegetarian options and all sorts of 100% local grocery items in the Pantry. Created by chefs and approved by nutritionists, every recipe is made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients for maximum freshness on your plate. With these delicious meals ready in less than 30 minutes and delivered to your home for free, having a diverse and balanced diet has never been so easy! For more information, visit